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    Breton Precision Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production for

    Medical Device Industry

    New product development for the medical industry with on demand manufacturing. From rapid prototyping to mass production of medical products, enjoy reliable manufacturing services at competitive pricing.

    ● High precision medical products
    ● ISO 9001:2015 certiified
    ● 24/7 engineering support

    Why Breton Precision for Medical Industry

    Breton Precision offers reliable medical device prototyping and production, from simple to complex medical parts. With a combination of advanced technologies and excellent manufacturing expertise, we can bring your medical products to life in the most effective ways. Regardless of the part’s complexity, we can help you reach your goals through rapid prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume production.

    Medical Device Manufacturing

    The medical industry depends on accurately and precisely created products to safeguard human health. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification shows that we deliver precise, high-quality medical components that meet regulatory and quality standards. Enjoy reliable and professional medical device manufacturing solutions for custom products with the highest quality standards.

    Right Materials for Medical Product Development

    Our manufacturing techniques are compatible with an extensive range of materials to meet the medical industry’s demands. Our technicians also have adequate experience and knowledge of the right materials for medical product development, and we will work with you to choose the material that best meets your requirements. Take a look at some of the most popular materials for developing medical device components.
    Right Materials for Medical Product Developmente7i


    Thermoplastics are highly durable, flexible, and functional materials for medical product manufacturing. They have excellent corrosion, detergent and chemical resistance, making them last longer than other typical medical materials. Thermoplastics are also very adhesive to metals, making them useful for overmolding medical prototypes for improved functionality.

    Post-Processing for Medical Prototypes & Products

    With an extensive range of post-processing options, Breton Precision can offer your medical prototypes and products unique surface finishes that meet your product’s aesthetics and chemical and corrosion resistance needs. Depending on the material selection and product application, we offer the following finishes.




    Materials Color Texture
     Surface Finishing for Aerospace Parts (1)is3


    Improves wear resistance, and corrosion resistance and protects the metal surface. It also improves material hardness.


    Clear, black, grey, red, blue, and gold.

    Smooth, matte


    Surface Finishing for Aerospace Parts (2)dnu

    Powder Coating

    Powder coating is a great choice for medical devices because of its natural antimicrobial qualities. It promotes a hygienic and sterile environment needed in the medical industry.

    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel

    Black, any RAL code or Pantone number

     Gloss or semi-gloss

     Surface Finishing for Aerospace Parts (3)alv


    Electroplating is an aesthetic and functional finish that improves the looks and corrosion resistance of medical products. It also improves their mechanical properties, making them more durable.

    Aluminum, steel, stainless steel


    Smooth, glossy

     Post-Processing For Automotive Parts & Accessories (1)2do

    Bead blasting

    Bead blasting improves the aesthetic appearance of medical devices. It also reduces wear and tear in these components, making them last longer.

    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastics

    Gray, black

    Smooth, matte

     Post-Processing For Automotive Parts & Accessories (2)7tb


    Passivation helps to remove particles from medical components to prevent future corrosion. It impacts adequate corrosion resistance on the products.

    Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium

    Yellow, clear blue, green, black

    Smooth, matte, semi-gloss

     Surface Finishing for Aerospace Parts (5)q0z

    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment helps to improve the corrosion resistance, strength, and biocompatibility of medical devices.

    Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

    Faint yellow, brown, straw

    Smooth, matte

    Medical Applications

    Medical Applicationstd3

    Our extensive production capabilities allow us to improve medical device production to serve many healthcare applications. Some of the applications include:

    ● Handheld devices
    ● Surgical instruments
    ● Medical testing devices
    ● Medical delivery systems
    ● Ventilators
    ● Implantable prototypes
    ● Prosthetic components
    ● Microfluidics
    ● UV sanitation components