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    Breton Precision Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production for

    Electronics Industry

    Get your electronics product to market faster with high-quality new product development for the electronics industry. From rapid prototyping to on-demand production, here’s a chance to streamline electronic product development at competitive pricing.

    ● Superior-quality electronic components
    ● Instant quotes and fast lead time
    ● 24/7 engineering support

    Why Breton Precision for Industrial Automation Industry

    Developing consumer and computer electronic components requires technologically advanced manufacturing processes to accelerate product fabrication and lower development costs. Breton Precision takes electronics manufacturing to the next level through a perfect combination of experience, technical expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to meeting the demands of our customers ensure that we manufacture well-designed, user-centric electronics prototype and product.

    Trusted By Fortune 500 Electronics Companies

    Several Fortune 500 technology companies trust us to help them scale their manufacturing capacity. We work with leading electronics, sensor, semiconductor, and IoT manufacturers to improve the quality of electronic components. Our outstanding electronics prototyping and manufacturing processes help us fulfill every unique customer’s needs.

    Trusted By Fortune 500 Electronics Companiess5j

    ● OEM design studios
    ● Telecommunication firms
    ● Semiconductor design and fabrication companies
    ● Consumer electronics device manufacturers
    ● Networking equipment manufacturers
    ● Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers
    ● Medical device manufacturers
    ● Energy technology firms
    ● Technology startups
    ● Biotechnology companies
    ● Computer chip manufacturers

    Manufacturing Capabilities for Electronic Components

    We deliver electronics manufacturing to fit your custom electronic needs. Our extensive capabilities allow us to fulfill rapid prototyping, custom fixturing & tooling, low-volume production, and mass production needs. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we boast a highly advanced manufacturing facility and technical expertise to meet the highest quality standards.

    Electronics Applications

    Aerospace Applications8p7

    From circuit boards and microcontrollers to 3D printed electronic cases and more, Breton Precision creates working electronic prototypes and products through effective combination of custom manufacturing solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities help us fulfill many electronics applications, including:

    ● Circuit boards
    ● PCBs
    ● Electronic cases
    ● Electronics housing parts
    ● Custom fixturing
    ● Microcontrollers
    ● Enclosures
    ● Integrated circuits
    ● Switches
    ● Circuit breakers